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2008-11-07 20:18:22 by UKMATOR

The reason i havn't been making any is because im going to buy a microphone soon. seeing as my other one broke =[[[[[[

Not that anybody reads this lol.

Cya trumpet mouths.

"Nanny Dogs" Coming soon

2008-09-18 12:19:23 by UKMATOR

Yep ive decided im going to make an animation called Nanny Dogs xD I have an idea what its going to be about.
So come back here in 2 weeks maybe a week, and it will be done!

- Toby

Please Read Everyone

2008-08-26 16:14:41 by UKMATOR

Hello, below you will see some cartoons, please look at them =[ and should i keep making some? a long length idea?


2008-05-13 11:51:31 by UKMATOR

Hi im new be kind :D

Ill make some animations soon..i got some good idea's.

Just to let you know im pretty random, and have a weird but hopefully funny sense of humour.